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  • Manufacturer: SANOFI PASTEUR
  • NDC #: 49281-0790-20
  • Size: 10 ML / 1 VL
  • NDC Drug Form: SOLUTION
  • SKU: TYP179020
  • NDC Strength: 25 MCG/0.5ML
  • NDC Drug Route:
  • NDC Name: TYPHIM


Typhim VI® Vaccine Multi-Dose Vial - 20 Doses

Typhim VI vaccine is indicated for active immunization for the prevention of typhoid fever caused by Salmonella typhi bacterium and is approved for use in persons two years of age or older. Immunization with Typhim Vi vaccine should occur at least two weeks prior to expected exposure to S typhi.

Typhim Vi vaccine is not indicated for routine immunization of individuals in the United States (US).

Selective immunization against typhoid fever is recommended under the following circumstances:

  1. Travelers to areas where a recognized risk of exposure to typhoid exists, particularly ones who will have prolonged exposure to potentially contaminated food and water
  2. Persons with intimate exposure (ie, continued household contact) to a documented typhoid carrier
  3. Workers in microbiology laboratories who frequently work with S typhi

Typhoid vaccination is not required for international travel, but is recommended for travelers to such areas as Africa, Asia, and Central and South America where there is a recognized risk of exposure to S typhi. Current CDC advisories should be consulted with regard to specific locales. Vaccination is particularly recommended for travelers who will have prolonged exposure to potentially contaminated food and water. However, even travelers who have been vaccinated should use caution in selecting food and water.

There is no evidence to support the use of typhoid vaccine to control common source outbreaks, disease following natural disaster or in persons attending rural summer camps.

An optimal reimmunization schedule has not been established. Reimmunization every two years under conditions of repeated or continued exposure to the S typhi organism is recommended at this time.

Typhim Vi vaccine should not be used to treat a patient with typhoid fever or a chronic typhoid carrier.

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